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Mission Statement

Since 2003, Key  Benefits Solutions Inc.'s mission has been and is to provide small to medium sized businesses the knowledge and resources necessary to design and build the Human Resources infrastructure necessary  to maximize revenue and minimize key exposures and costs which results in increased profitability.  This mission will be accomplished by using the latest key strategies available in the marketplace.  Such knowledge will enable the business owner(s) to make decisions in the best interest of the employer, the employee and the business.

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  • A true, global presence
  • PEO/ASO Brokerage
  • Fortune 100  Employee Benefits programs
  • Top of the Line Workers' Compensation solutions
  • State of the Art Payroll Services and technology
  • World class, cloud based HRIS technology
  • Advanced Life Insurance planning
  • International Travel,  Foreign National Employees and Expatriots
  • D & O Insurance
  • E & O Insurance
  • Excess and Surplus Property and Casualty lines including kidnapping insurance
  • Employer's Liability Insurance (EPLI) including Wage and Hour (FLSA)

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All services are provided by Key Benefits Solutions and our valuable partners whose expertise is global..  We have vetted such providers over the  years and understand who is the most appropriate for your particular circumstances.